As well as a catalogue of 100’s of unique homes and backdrops, we can scout for the perfect location and provide first class production services.
Whether you need to shoot a breath-taking landscape, a sumptuous interior or a suburban road, oXo Collective will work with you to ensure your needs are met.
​We have well established relationships with our home owners and managers of public locations and work closely with all parties to ensure a smooth running shoot. Our extensive catalogue includes:


Art Deco Locations
Mid-Century Modern Homes
Modern/Contemporary Homes
Heritage Homes
Mediterranean Homes
French Provincial 
​ Country Locations
Warehouse Conversions​​
Art Work






​Event Spaces
Office Spaces
Props – Small and Large
Roads – Country, City and Suburban
Walls/City Spaces

and many more ………


Call us to access our extensive portfolio.  If we don’t have what you’re looking for today, we will find it!

Contact oXo Collective to discuss your next shoot

Be a Location Scout… If you know of a home or location in Victoria that you think we should have in our portfolio, let us know.
We provide referral gifts to anyone who introduces a location to us which is then engaged for a shoot.
​All you need to do is make the introduction. We do the rest.