Payment in full is required on all invoices prior to shoot commencement (for location, not necessarily all of the production elements).
The Client agrees to indemnify oXo Collective against any claims of loss and/or damage arising out of or relating to oXo Collective’s services or the use of the Location unless the loss and/or damage is caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of oXo Collective. 
 Proof of Public Liability and property damage insurance must be provided prior to shoot commencement.
A complete and signed Booking Form must be submitted prior to shoot commencement. 
Each shoot will have an individual fee and will bear no reference to past or future bookings.
Less than 24 hours prior to shoot commencement will attract 30% of the agreed fee.
If a shoot is postponed due to weather conditions, and conducted within 5 days of cancellation, there will be no additional fees for the Client.
oXo Collective work in half (4 hours) and full day slots (8 hours).  Any time beyond the full day will incur pro-rata hourly charge plus a 40% loading.  A full day will not exceed 12 hours.
oXo Collective require up to 6 business days for Council permits and approval. The Client is responsible for any fees incurred plus a $250 service fee, regardless of whether permission is granted or not.
The location must not be entered until the agreed start time or when the oXo Collective representative is on site.
The location must never be left unattended or unlocked.
The number of crew on site must not exceed the number on the Booking Form.
Property details including Owner’s name or address are to be kept confidential.
All special conditions (as per the booking form) must be adhered to.
In the case of breakages or damage, the oXo Collective representative must be advised immediately and any cost associated with the repair or replacement is to be covered by the insurance policy supplied for the shoot.
The Location must be left in its original state upon completion of the shoot.  Anything moved by the Client must be replaced and any dirt or scuffs must be cleaned.  All rubbish and equipment must be removed by the Client (unless otherwise agreed with oXo Collective).
If for any reason a cleaner is required to make good the location, the Client will be responsible for the cost.